Militia 1.0.5: NCO Corps

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An important quality of the modern services is the establishment of an NCO Corps. This preserves institutional knowledge and promotes a professionalism of the enlisted sector. When enlisted can be promoted into the NCO Corps, starting with E-5: Sergeant, all that knowledge gained is preserved, as current NCOs train new Sergeants. The NCO Corps also reflects the day-to-day leadership and management of human resources.

The top sergeant of a Squad tends to be an E-6: Staff Sergeant. The top sergeant of a FireTeam is an E-5: Sergeant. The top NCO of a Platoon is an E-7: Sergeant First Class. Then the top NCO of a Company, is a true top, E-8: First Sergeant. And so for Battalion and above, we have an E-9: Sergeant Major.

Important to establish such an NCO Corps is the training Sergeants are put through, starting with PLDC: Platoon Leadership Development Course. There are a sequence of such courses to train E-5 up to E-9. There is also the option of becoming a Mustang, an NCO who attends OCS: Officer Candidate School and gains a commission as an officer.

Lt. Col. Robert Withers, Cdr 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment, Blue Clan

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