Militia 1.0.4: Seven Clans Star Council

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Here we present the formation of a Seven Clans Star Council as the core of the Militia Council. The Seven Clans are from the history of the Cherokee Nation. The seven clans are to each select a representative to join the Star Council.

For a STARLight Platoon of 4 Squads, there are 36 Militia. The Militia choose which clan to belong to. As each clan selects its Council member, a Star Council is formed, with 7 Members, one per clan. There are approximately 5 clan members per clan within a STARLight Platoon.

With a look to the native heritage of North Carolina, the Cherokee Nation had seven clans. Select leaders from each of Seven Clans: Wild Potato, Deer, Blue, Bird, Wolf, Paint. [1], to form a Star Council of 7 Clans.

The voting within the Star Council, results in a majority of 4 and a super-majority of 5. This Star Council is the heart of the Platoon Council, only needing a Platoon Leader and Top to complete the Council to have 9 members: a Seven Clans Star Council + Leader + Top.

Personally, I am a lifelong member of the Blue Clan.

Lt. Col. Robert Withers, Cdr 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment, Blue Clan

[1] Cherokee Clans –

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